Endurance Multisport Personalised Coaching and Squad Training

Personalised Coaching

Fully personalized training programs for Multisport Training, Triathlons, Duathlons, Trail Running / Riding and individual Cycling, Running, Swimming programs.
Other disciplines are also available like Mountain/Gravel Bike etc. Just ask.

Core 4 Endurance coaching and squad exists  to provide athletes with the tools, knowledge, and relationships necessary to pursue their goals. With our collective expertise, we prioritize relationships and communication over all else. Through a blend of art and science, we offer a truly remarkable experience to every athlete we work with.

Core 4 Endurance is about enhancing your athletic performance to meet your goals. Building a relationship between coach and athlete at any performance level. Composing a program that works around your lifestyle.

The Squad has grown from the need of athletes training with coaches and being influences and supporters for their own athletes. What better way to train then with your coach.

Mark and Kat provide the ultimate coaching experience for all their triathletes and multi-sport athletes. Professional online coaching designing personalized programs and advice for those athletes who want to set goals and achieve them. Leading by example, they give immediate feedback to ensure athletes and group remain safe and improve performance.


Strength and Growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”.
Napoleon Hill

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