Endurance Coaching

Fully personalized training program delivered weekly with the following:

  • The option for coaching based on INSCYD testing for premium results
  • Personal Trainingpeaks account 
  • Personalised training zones (Heart Rate, Power, Speed)
  • Weekly check- ins
  • Unlimited access via phone, messenger and/or email
  • Short and long term goal setting and season planning
  • Discounted price on training camps with CFRacing and Core 4 Endurance Athletes
  • Group forums to keep you motivated and engaged.

During Kingscliff Triathlon, at Township, Kingscliff, NSW

Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon coaching to suit your life situation. Managing training and general life together can be difficult. We work with the individual to construct a personalized program thats get the most out of your available time. Starting from back of the back to competing in world championship events we know what it takes to get things done on limited time and keeping it enjoyable in the process. Pricing and programs tailored to your requirements.

Coaching using INSCYD testing

INSCYD Testing provides the data to specifically target your training. Each individual is unique in their physiology, what works for one may not work for another. We can provide training plans based on INSCYD testing that allows you to improve at the fastest rate possible. Programs and pricing can be designed with quarterly testing or testing on a case by case basis. Testing can also be conducted without a coaching program, results provided to you or your current coach for accessing.

Individual Multisport Coaching

Individual coaching for all endurance sports, whether is be a ultra trail run, crit racing, endurance cycle event, swim or your first marathon or 10km, we can help. If you are just looking to get fit and healthy and don’t know where to start, we can tailor a fitness program for you. Programming is simple to follow, and fits into your lifestyle, family, work schedule and current health related concerns that may have been holding you back.

Triathlon Coaching with CFRacing

Core 4 Endurance Triathlon coaching is part of the CF Racing stable. CF Racing is a young and dynamic triathlon coaching provider. The brand brings a new breed of professional online coaching to the market, delivering personalized triathlon programs to athletes with the desire to succeed. Training camps, sponsor discounts, group forum with other CF Racing athletes. Access to a fully qualified dietitian and nutritionist access to a strength and conditioning coach. 


Michael McEvoy 2020

Michael McEvoy

“Mark is a coach in every essence of the word. He has provided me knowledge, direction, guidance and trust whilst still remaining collaborative towards my thoughts and ideas. I joined Mark after 4 years in triathlon, when I felt I needed to narrow in and refine some of my weaknesses. This is not easy to admit as an athlete, but essential if overall improvement is to be gained.
My biggest weakness was my running and it still remains a constant head game for me. Working with Mark, he broke each session down into its purpose and reason allowing me to execute running sessions more consistently and constructively. In my last Iron Man, Dec 2019,!after training with Mark for 6 months, I improved my run by 30 minutes on a hot day in Busso WA, achieving a 9:34 on the day.
Maintaining the balance between being a committed athlete and a parent that has a busy work and home life is a complex balance that has many moving parts. Mark provides adaptability to the weekly program to allow me to not feel guilty if I need to move my sessions around. Sending through a message, the response is always reassuring managing to remove any tension I feel on my training.
I would highly recommend Mark as a coach for anyone looking to partner with a dedicated coach committed to your success.

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Adrian Shepherd 2020

Adrian Shepherd

“I started with Mark in January 2020 with the goal of moving from short to long course triathlon. After a short period of time I have already been able to hit new distances in each leg. Mark is a coach who sets achievable yet challenging training sessions specific to my goals and with testing results , he was there each day to support me through a recent injury and is also a great training partner.”

You must first find your limits to be able to Exceed them!

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